2021 ESG Report

ESG Report

ESG Report

Sustainability Vision, Values and Approach

Our sustainability vision, values and approach ladder up to our greater purpose to Protect and Beautify the World



To fulfill our purpose to Protect and Beautify the World, we are committed to delivering lasting value for all stakeholders. As One PPG, we operate with integrity, work safely, protect the environment for current and future generations, create a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, and engage and support the communities where we operate.


  1. Operate safe, healthful workplaces, promote teamwork and reward performance by trusting our people every day in every way.
  2. Cultivate a sense of belonging for all of our employees and harness the power of diversity to ignite innovation and performance.
  3. Conduct business and operations in an ethical and compliant manner.
  4. Minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.
  5. Deliver innovative products and solutions, and partner with our customers to create mutual value that enables them to maximize the performance of their assets and preserve and protect the environment.
  6. Partner with suppliers and customers to create value.
  7. Deliver positive change in the communities where we operate and conduct business.

Driving our environmental performance are measurable sustainability goals that address our biggest challenges and opportunities. We hold our locations and businesses accountable for achieving these goals, and we are transparent in our progress against each on a global level.

Our approach to sustainability continues to be influenced by and calibrated against ongoing feedback from customers, investors, regulators and regions of the world that are driving toward carbon neutrality. We are currently evaluating our Scope 3 emissions and we plan to commit to Science-Based Targets before the end of 2022.

In addition, in 2021 we furthered our commitment to creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace by announcing aspirational DE&I goals that will help keep us accountable. To learn more about our goals, visit our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion report. We also amplified the unique talents of our employees, our products and financial contributions to reach our global communities. In total, we invested $13.3 million in global giving from PPG and the PPG Foundation in 2021. To learn more about our community engagement efforts, visit the Community Overview page of this report.

We have a formal structure to ensure continuous improvement in both the sustainability of our global operations and the products we manufacture around the world. Our newly-formed Sustainability organization is responsible for developing and driving our sustainability goals as well as policies, programs and procedures to address sustainability throughout our business practices. Ultimately, our Board of Directors has oversight of all sustainability efforts. The Sustainability and Innovation Committee, formerly the Technology and Environment Committee, of our Board has oversight of the tracking of our sustainability progress, and defining climate related risks and opportunities. To learn more about governance of our environmental, social and governance practices, visit the Governance section of this report.

In addition, many of our current sustainability goals and initiatives align with those of the European Green Deal . Among other initiatives, this program by the European Union was designed to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and make the EU climate neutral by 2050. We also will seek opportunities to participate in the development of laws, regulations and policies that the European Union and member states will be developing to support the deal's objectives. Leading our efforts is an internal team of leaders and experts that we formed in 2020, alongside our dedicated sustainability team.

Each year through the PPG Sustainability Awards program, we recognize outstanding projects completed by our employees, locations and businesses that significantly contributed to our sustainability progress. In 2021, we presented more than 200 awards in five categories – health and safety, environmental impact, wellness, community engagement and customer solutions. We also recognized programs that improved ergonomics through our separate PPG ERGO CUP® competition.

In 2021, our Architectural Coatings business earned the overall PPG Sustainability Award for its outstanding performance in all five sustainability award categories as well as specific improvements in its injury and illness rate and the launch of industry-leading antiviral and antibacterial paint products, PPG COPPER ARMOR and COMEX® VINIMEX® paint, which are proven to kill or reduce 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses on the painted surface, including the virus that causes COVID-19. In addition, our HOMAX® TEX>>PRO product received the 17th annual Ergo Cup award for its breakthrough sprayer system that reduces the weight of the tool by 60% — or nearly 20 pounds — compared to traditional hopper spray guns.

We estimate that projects honored by both awards programs saved PPG and our customers more than $95 million in 2021. They also helped PPG and our customers reduce energy intensity, waste, greenhouse gas emissions, injuries and spill rate while improving productivity, capacity and our sustainably advantaged product offering.

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