2020 Sustainability Report

Sustainably Advantaged Products

Our products and processes help make our customers – and the world – more sustainable

Sustainably Advantaged Products

Our products and processes help make our customers – and the world – more sustainable. Here are recent examples of their sustainability in action.

Antibacterial and antiviral

The COVID-19 pandemic increased awareness of the benefits of antibacterial and antiviral coatings. Recent PPG offerings include:

  • COPPER ARMOR™ antiviral paint by PPG (pending approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), which is formulated with CORNING® GUARDIANT™ antimicrobial particles and has a 99.9% kill rate for bacteria and viruses that come in contact with it within two hours, including SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes COVID-19.
  • COMEX® VINIMEX® TOTAL Antibacterial Premium 100% acrylic paint, which reduces 99.9% of common bacteria that cause gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases within two hours of contact with the painted surface.
  • MASTER’S MARK® LUXURIANT® and ECO TOUCH® antibacterial interior latex coatings by PPG, which are proven to reduce the spread of E coli, Staphylococcus and the H1N1 virus under China’s National (GB) standards on painted surfaces.
  • TAUBMAN’S EASYCOAT™ interior paint by PPG featuring MICROBAN® technology, which offers added surface protection from the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew – common triggers of asthma and allergies.
An image of Taubman's Easy Coat paint.
COPPER ARMORTM antiviral paint by PPG offers antimicrobial properties.

Unmasking the paint process

Our overspray-free paint technology combines a state-of-the-art automotive painting application system called ECOPAINTJET™Our overspray-free paint technology combines a state-of-the-art automotive painting application system called ECOPAINTJET® (invented and offered by Dürr) and our customized decorative coatings to apply multiple colors to an automobile without the use of intricate masking to control where paint is applied. When painting a car roof a different color from the body, for example, the process can save up to 50 minutes per car. It also eliminates energy-intensive air filtering systems that handle overspray from the paint application process. The process earned a 2020 R&D® 100 Award.


Line of defense

Learn more about PPG LineGuard.PPG LINEGUARD™ solvent-free epoxy coatings are formulated to help automotive and commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk associated with maintaining vehicle carriers used in the electrodeposition coating (e-coat) process. Many OEMs and tier one suppliers are forced to pull carriers from production every 300 to 350 cycles to remove buildup of e-coat, grease and other contaminants. The insulative properties of PPG LineGuard coatings resist material adhesion and buildup, enabling the extension of paint line cleaning intervals by up to 75%. This reduces water and energy consumption, hazardous waste, chemical use and the risk of employee injuries during cleaning.  

Improved formulation

Learn more about PPG SigmaFast products.We improved our PPG SIGMAFAST™ 278 two-component, zinc phosphate epoxy primer and buildcoat by removing substances of concern with no adverse effect on performance. The formulation change improves workplace safety labeling and minimizes the environmental impact of our operations and those of our customers.

Clear advantages

Learn more about PPG Deltron Progress Products.Saving time and using less energy are clear benefits to any automotive refinish body shop, and our new D8177 Rapid Performance Clearcoat delivers both. At a modest 140 F (60 C) spray booth baking temperature, the clearcoat’s dry time is one third that of a standard coating. This versatile clearcoat also offers an air-dry mode, removing the baking process completely and enabling a 90-minute process compared to the usual requirement of air drying overnight.

Systematic reductions

Learn more about PPG products.A new waterborne coating system for China’s automotive refinish market offers extremely low volatile organic compound (VOC) content while meeting or exceeding the properties of traditional systems. For autobody shops, the system significantly reduces VOC emissions and the use of special solvent-borne cleaning products. It also reduces transportation and storage costs since the system’s epoxy primer, primer surfacer and clearcoat are classified as non-dangerous goods.


Protection plus sustainability

Learn more about PPG Environcron products.Two new powder coatings from the PPG ENVIROCRON™ family offer long-lasting protection with sustainable benefits. PPG Envirocron HTE Max extreme corrosion polyester powder technology features a combination of exceptional corrosion performance and high transfer efficiency properties in a single coat, providing protection of the painted metal in the field while generating significantly less waste than traditional powder coatings. For heat-sensitive substrates such as wood and wood-composite applications, PPG Envirocron HeatSense powder coating can be cured in as few as five minutes at 250 F. This new coating has improved performance and functionality, is specifically formulated without VOCs, is reclaimable and has no hazardous waste.

Contained VOCs

Learn more about PPG Aquacover products.With the China launch of PPG AQUACOVER™ waterborne coating system for shipping containers, customers gained an odorless, non-toxic, waterborne solution that enables a 65% reduction in VOC emissions. The system’s epoxy zinc-rich primers, epoxy intermediates and topcoats, and polyurethane topcoats also offer excellent anti-corrosion performance.


Fueling up

Our next-generation sealants for aircraft fuel tanks – PR-1440F and PR-1750F – are fast curing and weigh less than their predecessors. This translates into reduced energy consumption for our customers’ operations and reduced fuel consumption during flight. Through purposeful formula development, they are also fully compliant with all of today’s regulations as well as anticipated regulatory changes for our customers.

From two to one

Learn more about Nutrishield Solista Gold products.The coating thickness is the same, but our Nutrishield® PPG5199 packaging coating can be applied in one coat rather than the traditional two – even for highly corrosive food packaging applications. Requiring only a single coat reduces energy consumption and processing time for our customers. The internal food-contact coating is also free of Bisphenol A (BPA).

Light and easy

Learn more about Sigma Coatings Products.SIGMA SILOXAN™ Matt exterior masonry paint by PPG features Light & Easy technology that reduces weight by 30% compared to standard exterior masonry paint. Less weight means improved ergonomics for professional painters and a 16% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions over the full life cycle of the paint.

Fast times

Our new PPG DESOTHANE™ HD CA9007 basecoat reduces aircraft paint cycle times and features fast cure times, both of which reduce energy consumption and cost for our customers’ operations. In addition, the coating is formulated to perform with excellent gloss and color retention and improved impact, erosion, stain and fluid resistance. 


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