2015 Sustainability Report


2020 Goals

Goal #1: Ensure our people return home safely, each and every day.

We will achieve this by:
  • Educating our people about safe operating practices.
  • Ensuring a safe work environment.
  • Running our business with sound environmental and health processes.
  • On our path to zero injuries, ensure that we achieve an improvement of at least 5 percent per year in our injury rate.

Goal #2: Build a culture of health across PPG’s global workforce.

We will achieve this by implementing wellness plans at all PPG facilities by 2020.

Goal #3: Support our customers in minimizing their environmental impact.

PPG’s paint and coatings help to protect and beautify surfaces, ensuring they last longer for our customers. In addition, we continuously strive to invent products and processes that provide an environmental benefit to our customers. We aim to achieve 40 percent of our total sales by 2020 from these products.

Goal #4: Support the success of our communities.

We will achieve this by:
  • Ensuring all PPG facilities across the world have plans by 2020 to create positive change in their communities.
  • Leveraging employee volunteers, financial investment, and our products to revitalize and beautify neighborhoods in our communities through our Colorful Communities program.
  • Providing financial support to causes that are important to our people.
  • Partnering with community organizations that protect the environment, provide disaster relief and meet essential needs, and help local economies grow.
  • Supporting initiatives that encourage interest and achievement in industries related to science, technology, engineering and math.

Goal #5: Efficiently manage resources used to make our products.

We will conserve energy by:
  • Enhancing the energy efficiency of PPG facilities.
  • Employing alternative energy sources where there is a strong business case.
  • Reducing GHG intensity by 25 percent by 2020, when compared with 2012 baseline levels.
We will conserve water by:
  • Optimizing water use in our processes through conservation and re-use.
  • Implementing management plans by 2020 at PPG facilities with the highest water scarcity risk.
We will work toward eliminating all waste in our production environments by:
  • Minimizing the amount of material required to make PPG products.
  • Increasing the amount of post-manufacturing material that is recycled and reclaimed.
  • Reducing our spills and release rate by 10 percent per year, when compared with 2012 baseline levels.
  • Reducing total waste disposal intensity by 10 percent by 2020, when compared with 2012 baseline levels.
We will eliminate lead from remaining non-consumer coatings formulations by 2020.
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