2015 Sustainability Report



PPG’s culture of continuous improvement in every aspect of our business underpins our approach to sustainability. Whether it’s increasing the efficiency of our operations or developing our people, our improvement efforts naturally extend to many areas that impact our sustainability performance.
We have a formal structure to ensure continuous improvement in the sustainability of our global operations. Our sustainability vision and values provide the foundation for all of our sustainability efforts. Our Sustainability Committee, which was approved by the PPG Board of Directors, establishes policies, programs, procedures, and goals to address sustainability in our business practices. Most of the committee’s nine members are officer-level employees, providing leadership support and visibility.
The Sustainability Committee maintains five standing subcommittees to provide a deeper focus on key aspects of our sustainability efforts. These subcommittees and their missions are:
  • Environment, Health and Safety: We will market, distribute and manufacture products in a responsible manner that protects employees, neighbors, customers and the environment. To meet this objective, our environment, health and safety management system is integrated into each of our businesses. Our policy incorporates elements of RESPONSIBLE CARE® and COATINGS CARE®, global voluntary initiatives by which companies work together to improve environment, health and safety within the industry; and it emphasizes our commitment to continuous improvement, sustainability and protecting shareholders’ interests. The Environment, Health and Safety Committee was replaced at the end of 2015 by the Resource Management Committee.

  • Natural Resources and Climate Change: We will continue our efforts to conserve natural resources. This includes defining and driving efficient energy and greenhouse gas emissions management, reducing our carbon footprint and continuing to seek ways to utilize alternative resources, such as renewable energy and recycled water.

  • Product Innovation and Marketing: We will continue to enhance our product offerings to provide our customers with solutions to their most serious sustainability issues. An objective of many of our businesses is to develop and market breakthrough, leading-edge products that benefit the environment and conserve energy.

  • Community Engagement and Social Performance: Following the principles of Responsible Care and Coatings Care, we will continue to develop and maintain processes to ensure that our presence enhances the communities in which we operate. We will work to build two-way communications with key community constituents, governmental agencies and appropriate nongovernmental organizations. We will strive to enhance our corporate citizenship and maintain philanthropic efforts in our communities.

  • Sustainability Communications and Advocacy: We will develop and implement plans to communicate with key stakeholders our positions and efforts regarding sustainability. We will strive to enhance our reputation among opinion leaders, business partners, the financial community and residents of communities where we have operations by positioning our company as a leader and innovator in matters related to sustainability.
Driving our performance are measurable sustainability goals that address our biggest challenges and opportunities. We hold our locations and businesses accountable for achieving these goals, and we are transparent in our progress against each on a global level.

In early 2016, the Sustainability Committee revised our sustainability vision, values and goals to better align with our updated corporate vision and values and also represent the sustainability challenges and opportunities now facing our business following a series of divestitures and acquisitions over the past few years.
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