2015 Sustainability Report


To Our Stakeholders

At PPG, a focus on sustainable operations has long been a hallmark of who we are and how we do business. Our emphasis on sustainability extends to ensuring our operations are as safe and efficient as possible. In 2015, we reduced our injury and illness rate by 11 percent. We also made strides in reducing energy intensity (8 percent), waste intensity (7 percent) and overall greenhouse gas emissions (7 percent). And we’ve continued our work toward the most efficient use of raw materials used to manufacture our products and recycle materials after the manufacturing process is complete.

Our employees continue to find new ways to improve in these and other areas, which last year resulted in nearly 250 projects that were recognized through our internal sustainability awards process. We estimate that our environmental and ergonomic-related improvement projects in 2015 saved more than $14 million.

Our efforts also extend beyond our operations with innovative products that provide environmental benefits to our customers. From PPG products that contribute to lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles, airplanes and ships...to innovative paint systems that help our customers reduce their energy consumption, conserve water and reduce waste.

In our communities, we launched the COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ program in 2015, a 10-year initiative to enhance, protect and beautify communities around the world through the use of our products. Together with our employees and community partners, we completed 11 Colorful Communities projects in 2015.

Our efforts to enhance our operations and enrich communities are a continuous focus across PPG, and we make progress every day. I encourage you to learn more by reading this Sustainability Report and our 2015 Community Engagement Report.

Michael H. McGarry
President and Chief Executive Officer
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