2015 Sustainability Report



Our vision is to create a global culture of health, where our people and their families become responsible for their individual well-being through informed, active participation in health and wellness activities.
Supporting this vision is our goal to implement wellness programs at 100 percent of our facilities by 2020. In 2015, 71 percent of our locations had a wellness program.
We have encouraged and supported the creation of local wellness programs for more than 15 years to:
  • Foster greater employee engagement in the process;
  • Provide a mechanism for active disease management;
  • Reduce health care costs in the United States;
  • Reduce the incidence of chronic diseases among our people;
  • Lower productivity costs;
  • Provide ways for our people’s families to become involved and educated;
  • Keep our people healthy, productive and at work; and
  • Improve quality of life after retirement.
Our approach to wellness is based on our Four Wellness Absolutes—nutrition, exercise, health screenings and mindfulness—that research identified as key to our people’s overall well-being. Every wellness program and tool we offer addresses one or more of these absolutes to help our people benefit from lifestyle improvements.
Each of our sites is expected to have a wellness committee and wellness champion to communicate our wellness messages and implement the various global, regional and local programs. The corporate PPG Wellness Council sets the overall strategy and tracks our progress globally.
In 2015, the council introduced a suite of tools to help guide our sites to wellness excellence and also recognize superior performance:
  • Wellness Catalog: This collection of wellness programs offered at our sites around the world allows our people to share successful ideas and describe how best to implement them. The catalog features sections for each of the Four Wellness Absolutes.
  • Wellness Scorecard: Our sites can register their wellness activities and track progress over time using this new scorecard. A point value is assigned for each wellness program offered, with some programs receiving extra points for higher participation rates.
  • Wellness Awards: These annual awards are based on the scorecard points a site earns in each calendar year.

For more information on our efforts to instill a culture of health, visit the PPG Wellness Center.

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