2015 Sustainability Report


Learning and Development

With PPG’s increasingly global footprint and strategic focus on organic growth and innovation, our people are our most important competitive advantage.
Continuous learning and development are crucial to keeping our people engaged, productive and successful at every stage in their careers. We offer a wide array of tools and training that include assessments; personalized performance and learning plans; formal and informal feedback; career ladders; structured development programs; classroom, on-the-job and online learning; coaching; and mentoring.
To support our company’s transformation, we have accelerated development of our leadership talent. In 2015, we introduced a new architecture with supporting programs to develop general manager talent through five levels of leadership:
  • Emerging leaders—local level: Our Global Core Curriculum focuses on self-leadership, people leadership, results leadership, thought leadership and change leadership.
  • Emerging leaders—regional level: The Emerging Leader Program builds upon the core curriculum with courses on leading self, leading others and leading the organization.
  • Emerging leaders—global level: Introduced in late 2014, our Global Leadership Development Program covers strategic marketing for growth, innovation and influence in action.
  • Successors for regional strategic business unit vice presidents and general managers: Our Executive Leadership Network explores executive judgment, increased visibility and exposure across the enterprise, customer focus, driving growth, enterprise perspective and emerging markets.
  • Successors for global vice presidents: The Senior Executive Leadership Network focuses on executive leadership and accelerated individual executive development through experiences, coaching, mentoring, outside executive education and exposure to thought leaders.
In 2015, we conducted a global assessment of 300 high-potential employees to identify talent for general manager positions. The assessment provided a common language for describing talent potential and a means to put the right people in the right jobs and development paths.
We are also developing our functional leaders—manufacturing, technical, supply chain and more—at the local, regional and global levels. The Global Core Curriculum serves as the foundation for this architecture and is built upon through a variety of programs geared toward each level’s and function’s leadership needs.
Due to our accelerated leadership development efforts, we have nearly doubled our successor pipeline for senior levels and are making significant progress in the remaining levels.
Learn more about our approach to learning and development on our Global Careers website.

New Program Strengthens the General Manager Pipeline

Our Global Leadership Development Program is focused on identifying and developing general manager talent earlier in our people’s careers, with a focus on organic growth and innovation.
Introduced in late 2014 and modified in 2015, the year-long program starts with an assessment of each participant that leads to an individual development plan. Each of the 30 participants is also assigned a growth project from one of our businesses, with results presented to the business’ leadership. Project sponsors, executive mentors and human resource specialists provide formal and informal guidance throughout the program.
To gain broader insight, participants spend a week each in two countries. They meet with companies that are considered benchmarks in either growth or innovation, transferring the knowledge gained to their work at PPG.
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