2015 Sustainability Report



We believe that having quality dialogue with our people and recognizing the value they bring leads to engaged employees and a company that is more innovative, productive and competitive.
The foundation of our engagement strategy is our “Your Say” engagement survey, which is designed to increase dialogue between managers and their teams to improve the way they work together to achieve their goals. In 2015, 88 percent of our global workforce took part in our fourth survey.
As in prior years, we presented the results of the 2015 survey to our top leaders so they could drive necessary improvements. Separately, supervisors shared results with their teams and created action plans to address areas considered important to team members. By the end of 2015, 67 percent of teams with five or more survey respondents had created an action plan, with more than 5,400 specific plans in place. Throughout the year, supervisors were expected to continue engaging in quality dialogue with their employees while monitoring progress against these plans.
We recognize that supervisors have a significant effect on their employee’s engagement. In 2015, we developed an online training module for supervisors that covers four pillars of employee engagement at PPG—trust, collaboration, empowerment and recognition. We developed these pillars and other elements of the module after asking the supervisors of high-performing, highly engaged PPG teams what they do to effectively connect with their teams and achieve high performance. We launched the module, which is available in 19 languages, in early 2016.

Over the past few years, we have reenergized our efforts to recognize the contributions and successes of our employees. We have a variety of formal award programs focused on sales, sustainability, health, wellness and other important aspects of our company. These are supplemented with informal everyday recognitions from our leaders that are equally important, such as recognizing a person during a team meeting or simply telling someone he or she is appreciated.

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