2015 Sustainability Report



We feel it is our responsibility to optimize water use not only in water-stressed regions of the world but in all of our facilities through conservation and reuse.
In 2015, we built upon an effort we started in 2014 to map our water usage globally and gain a deeper understanding of water resources in the communities surrounding our facilities. The process enabled us to establish relative water risks in our portfolio and begin developing a long-term water management strategy.
We introduced water consumption to each plant’s environmental scorecard for the first time in 2015 to increase the visibility and importance of this valuable resource and encourage our people to start focusing on minimizing water use. We also ranked our sites based on water usage, scarcity risk and other factors, and we established our first long-term water goal—by 2020, implement management plans at facilities with the highest water-scarcity risk. We will begin to take action on this goal in 2016. 
In 2015, we participated in a WateReuse Research Foundation project to develop a framework that assists in the initiation and implementation of onsite industrial water reuse. We will be participating in the next phase of the project and anticipate using this framework once it is available.
Our total water consumption in 2015 was 4.23 cubic meters per metric ton of production. This represents a less than 1 percent increase from 2014 and a 13 percent reduction since 2012.

Water Usage Intensity

Cubic meters per metric ton of production










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