PPG Industries Corporate Sustainability Report
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Four medical facilities in Poland were provided a fresh look courtesy of PPG Deco Poland and a group of university students. Hospitals in Lodz, Bialystok and Olsztyn, and a children’s clinic in Wroclaw received the makeovers. Students used SUPERLATEX CLASSIC™ and SIGMACRYL® UNIVERSAL® products and were supervised by employees from PPG DEKORAL® Professional Center shops and the PPG architectural coatings training department in Poland.  


In 2011, PPG developed a community engagement framework to help define the actions that company locations must take to develop and maintain strong two-way communications with key community constituents, government agencies and appropriate non governmental organizations (NGOs). While PPG believes that community engagement and strong communication are important within all PPG communities, some locations require focused engagement opportunities due to their size or types of operations.

The table below describes the expectations of 121 PPG locations under the community engagement framework. PPG sites were assigned to one of the categories on a progressive scale of level 1, 2, 3 or 4 based on their impact in their communities. Locations at each level have been asked to implement the types of programs listed as examples in the chart, and for the second year PPG completed an assessment to evaluate the implementation process. Results show that 48 percent of facilities met the requirements of the framework by the end of 2013, up from 35 percent in 2012. PPG intends to have 100 percent implementation by 2020.

Level 1

  • Encourage community service among employees
  • Joint planning with community emergency services

Level 2

Level 1 actions and...
  • Site leadership must be active in local community organizations

Level 3

Levels 1 and 2 actions and...
  • Community engagement responsibilities assigned
  • PPG Friends employee volunteer team formed to support community projects
  • Relationship established with local government officials

Level 4

Levels 1 - 3 actions and...
  • Community Advisory Panel formed
  • Survey completed of community needs that could be met by PPG
  • Report developed to share with community
  • Relationships established with officials of regional/national governments and key NGOs

Examples of successful projects and recognition achieved in 2013 across the PPG global network include:

Shelby, N.C., Community Volunteers
At PPG’s Shelby, N.C., facility, 30 employees spent 1,100 hours volunteering at local homeless shelters, children’s homes and adult day enrichment centers. As part of their efforts, employees donated more than 40,000 pounds of potatoes grown on the PPG Shelby campus during the past three years to feed members of the local community, making PPG the single largest contributor to the Cleveland County Potato Project.

Tianjin PPG Friends Team
In 2013, more than 225 employees at PPG’s Tianjin, China, facility joined together as “PPG Friends”—volunteer teams of employees, retirees and their families—to complete a number of community service projects. The Tianjin volunteer team was the first PPG Friends team to be established since PPG China's volunteer program launched in late 2010. PPG Friends teams participate in a variety of activities related to education, humanitarian aid, art and culture, community service, and environmental protection.

Among the significant contributions of PPG Friends in Tiajin, the group visited orphans with heart disease at Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA) International Cardiovascular Hospital. Most of these children were from remote areas of China and required special care to help them feel comfortable in new surroundings. The group brought toys or books to each visit and played games with the children.

In 2013, PPG Friends also continued the PPG Tianjin Eco Classroom, established in 2011 at the Tianjin plant to showcase PPG’s sustainability efforts. Volunteers staffed the classroom, serving as hosts, performers in a short play about environmental protection, and tour guides for the classroom’s laboratory. During the event, PPG employees engaged in discussions with nearly 100 people, including students and teachers from TEDA Maple Leaf International School and community representatives. The classroom is expected to host three or four open houses each year, reinforcing PPG’s reputation as an environmentally responsible company.  

Hungary Community Engagement
PPG's TRILAK® Paint manufacturing plant in Budapest, Hungary, partnered with the local government to organize a 2013 Earth Day family volunteer event while attempting to break a record with the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® in Budapest City Park. The capital’s second-largest public park includes green space that plays an important role in the ecology and ambiance of the city. Volunteers helped spruce up the park by collecting garbage, cleaning playgrounds and sandboxes, and painting 160 benches and five sporting courts with coatings contributed by PPG. Volunteers also planted saplings and participated in the record quest by planting 20,000 violets on 800 square meters of parkland.

PPG also supported the restoration of damaged firewalls in downtown Budapest by supplying paint and publicity for the young art team that created the paintings. The project began in 2012 with two firewalls and was followed by five more firewall renovations.

Education Outreach at Three Pittsburgh-Area R&D Centers
Through the PPG Science Education Council three Pittsburgh-area R&D centers implemented a number of initiatives to broaden access to science education.

In 2013, the Allison Park PPG Coatings Innovation Center (CIC) continued its tradition of active involvement in the local community by providing facility tours, shadowing programs, financial assistance and professional expertise to local school districts and sponsored several science-related events. At PPG Glass Business and Discovery Center (GBDC) in Harmar, employees supported the Educator/Corporate Collaboration on the Common Core, enabling K-12 educators to better understand why they need to modify classroom practices to better reflect the requirements of the modern workplace. At the PPG Monroeville facility, 200 participants and 40 coordinators dedicated more than 1,340 hours to projects spanning education, civic and cultural events, and health and wellness outreach. Some highlights included sponsoring a U.S./Mexican/Canadian teacher partnership and participating in an annual butterfly count.

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